Android provides support for copy and paste feature using ClipBoardManager. The provides a brief description along with an image which helps to understand the Copy-paste framework. “To copy data, an application puts a ClipData object on the ClipboardManager global clipboard. The ClipData contains one or more ClipData.Item objects and one ClipDescription object. To paste […]

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Gradle is a great tool for build management. Recently I started using it in my projects. In one of the requirements I had to parse the xml file using gradle. I started looking for help from blog and gradle documents but I hardly found any. I started fiddling around and discovered that it is achievable […]

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If you are thinking on customizing the animation of Activity transition then probably you would look for ActivityOptions class introduced in Android 4.1 (Jelly bean). This class has provided three methods which can help you to customize the Activity Animation. These are given in the table below. ActivityOptions Class Methods Function Name Description makeCustomAnimation This […]

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A little while ago I was trying to port my blogs from to But when I tried to port the blog, I noticed that the code section of my blog contained <br/> HTML tags for new line. When I used the the Syntaxhighlighter, the view was awful since the Syntax highter expects the […]

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