In any company where coding standard is followed, it’s really necessary to configure your IDE. Most of the Java developer use Eclipse as an IDE and hardly know about configuring their Eclipse editor before start writing code. It is recommended to use spaces instead of tab because different editor show different number of space for […]

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I had used MySQLdb in past to interface with MySQL database. Most of the time I had used cursorclass=MySQLdb.cursors.DictCursor for getting the result as dictionary but today I wanted to get the results in tuples so I used cursorclass=MySQLdb.cursors.CursorTupleRowsMixIn. But when I execute it, it failed and complained about cursor() method call. The exception is […]

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I have been using Vim for a long while but didn’t realized that it has command history which records previously executed commands. I use to write the same/similar command every time I had to execute the command(yaa, I know it was kindda lame). This command history really comes handy if you are executing long command […]


Recently I was working on JMeter test-plan. I had to write some custom functions which are not provided by JMeter. I somehow figured out implementation of custom-functions but soon faced the build problem. It took a little while to define the build.gradle to compile and generate jar file. Later I thought to share it here. […]

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This is a simple tutorial about making jar file and compiling the source code using command. As you may know that in java the class are packaged in jar file and provides as library. So it can be used in different module/project. First we are going to make some suitable directory structure. Run the following […]

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