We often need command to truncate large log files while working on production server. I have listed few of the commands which are really handy in such case. The command below is the smallest one and most handy. Some people also use the following command. Both of the commands do the same thing, it just […]


Programmatically sending an email is really a good tool for developer’s paraphernalia. This is really handy when one automates task and wants to get notified by an email for success or failure. Lately I have written Python script to automate some jobs and incorporated method to send email notification. I thought to share this simple […]

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One or the other reason we need configure the Mail Transfer Agent (Mail-server) to send and receive mail on the server. Lately I was working on one personal project where I wanted to send email update about any failure on the Amazon EC2 box. This EC2 box has ubuntu12.04 t1.micro instance for some light weight […]

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I had been using JMeter to generate load for my production server to test my application. The test-plan has 13+ HTTP sampler to make different request and one Regular Expression extractor to extract some value from the response. This value was used in consecutive HTTP Sampler. This test case simple and straight forward. Initially I […]

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