Most of us know that history command on Ubuntu shows the list of previously executed commands. This command is really handy either to examine the previously executed command or re-execute the previous command. The default configuration just lists out the entry number and the commands. It doesn’t display the time of execution. This post provides […]


Often need arises to merge text files. Recently even I encounter similar situation where I had to merge the two JMeter csv result file for some analysis. It took a little while to figure it out. This can easily be done using cat and redirection operator (> OR >>). This command is handy and saves […]

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Note: This post is written by our guest author Boni Satani. Any piece of code or application running on a computer or cloud system is vulnerable to risks and can threaten privacy, security and integrity issues. This fact has gained importance and acceptance by developers round the world and organizations especially dealing with key customers’ […]