We often need to search for java class file in given jar files to make sure that the class is present. Or sometimes it may happened that you reference the class in your java code but while compilation you don’t know which jar should be included in the compile time dependencies. There is also jarscan […]

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In many programming job interview this question has been asked. If you are coming from Python programming background(or you are novice Java programmer) then definitely “==” operator will pop-up in your mind. But in Java, “==” may not give you the right result. equals() method is also used to compare the object. Operator “==” and […]


This is a simple tutorial about making jar file and compiling the source code using command. As you may know that in java the class are packaged in jar file and provides as library. So it can be used in different module/project. First we are going to make some suitable directory structure. Run the following […]

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Recently I was given a task to write a web-application. I didn’t have prior knowledge of web-application, so I started looking for simple Hello world!! tutorial. I found many tutorials, all of them were using some kind of IDE to write the application(and no wonder most of them were using Eclipse). But I was inclined […]

One of theĀ favoriteĀ basic questions asked by the interviewers: Q. Write a function to swap two integers? A “C” programmer will write function similar to . But what if you are asked to implement the same method in Java, then you will answer that pointer concept doesn’t exist in Java. Everything in Java is reference. And […]

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In code development, be it one or the other requirement, we need to access the environment variable. In this post, the environment variable will be read/set in 5 different programming languages. C language In C, environment variables can be read and set by getenv() and putevn() methods respectively. The example code is shown below. Java […]

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