We often need command to recursively delete files from the current and sub-directories. Most of us execute the following command to do so. But to our utter surprise we find that it does not delete files from sub-directories. Well “r” option works only when you want to delete the directory. Use the following command to […]


Often need arises to merge text files. Recently even I encounter similar situation where I had to merge the two JMeter csv result file for some analysis. It took a little while to figure it out. This can easily be done using cat and redirection operator (> OR >>). This command is handy and saves […]

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I have been using Vim for a long while but didn’t realized that it has command history which records previously executed commands. I use to write the same/similar command every time I had to execute the command(yaa, I know it was kindda lame). This command history really comes handy if you are executing long command […]


In code development, be it one or the other requirement, we need to access the environment variable. In this post, the environment variable will be read/set in 5 different programming languages. C language In C, environment variables can be read and set by getenv() and putevn() methods respectively. The example code is shown below. Java […]

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