As the name suggests, it is a Python environment which is isolated from other python environments. This kind of environment is really handy when you are working on multiple projects but you don’t want to affect other project environments. Advantages of virtual environment. Isolated environment: It creates a self-contained Python instance. Whatever Python packages are […]

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This is a basic tutorial with simple example on installing Android sdk and setting up development environment for Ubuntu machine. If you are using windows machine for development, then instructions may vary. Install java Install Eclipse Install Android SDK Install ADT plugin in Eclipse Create Android Virtual Device(AVD) Create Android Hello world project Install java […]


This tutorial describes the way of creating Gradle standalone custom plugin. It covers the following topics Creating task, and using it in Custom plugin Stand alone Custom plugin Short plugin id Customize Gradle setting using settings.gradle Project info : Gradle version : 1.1 OS platform : Ubuntu 12.10 Prerequisite : Basic understanding of Gradle script. […]

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Android provides support for copy and paste feature using ClipBoardManager. The provides a brief description along with an image which helps to understand the Copy-paste framework. “To copy data, an application puts a ClipData object on the ClipboardManager global clipboard. The ClipData contains one or more ClipData.Item objects and one ClipDescription object. To paste […]

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If you are thinking on customizing the animation of Activity transition then probably you would look for ActivityOptions class introduced in Android 4.1 (Jelly bean). This class has provided three methods which can help you to customize the Activity Animation. These are given in the table below. ActivityOptions Class Methods Function Name Description makeCustomAnimation This […]

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You may have heard about the “Google Now project” where you give the voice command and Android fetches result for you. It recognizes your voice and converts it into the text or takes the appropriate action. Have you ever thought how is it done? If your answer is voice recognition API, then you are absolutly right. Recently while […]

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